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Advance Software Infinity Exporter v1.0 Build 2149
153 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Infinity is a 3D internet browser, and the Infinity Professional Development Kit contains an export plugin to convert your Max scenes to the format used by Infinity. At the moment Infinity is in a public beta testing phase, and Infinity Pro will eventually be commercial, although I have no idea of pricing at the moment.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
David Catuhe Max2Babylon Exporter v20200701.2
864 KB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Allows you to export models for use in Babylon.js, a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Imagination Technologies Ltd. PVRGeoPOD v2.28.0
68.8 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

This is the official PowerVR geometry and animation exporter for exporting model data into the optimised PowerVR POD file format. Features include:
- Optimises data order for PowerVR MBX or PowerVR SGX
- Exports to PowerVR object data format (POD files)
- Supports binary and C header formats
- Multiple vertex and triangle sorting algorithms
- Supports all data types including float, fixed, bytes, shorts, etc.
- Support for bump mapping tangent coordinate system
- Optimised data storage including 'instancing'
- Keyframe and skinning animation support
- Matrix palette batching
- Camera and light information and animation
- Loader source code provided in SDK
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Renderpeople Renderpeople Studio v1.1.1
470 KB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Renderpeople Studio gives you access to your Renderpeople account directly from within Max. You can easily access your 3D People library and search or filter models to quickly find, download and import exactly the models you need for your 3D visualization. New models can be quickly purchased without leaving Max, and once downloaded, all your models can be easily shared between your entire team or company.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Remi Arnaud / The Khronos Group Inc. OpenCollada v1.6.70
21.6 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

This is the latest release of the next generation plugin offering higher performance data export. In contrast to the existing COLLADA exporters for Max, this new plugin doesn't store the COLLADA document into an intermediate data model but writes it directly to file. This leads to a dramatic reduction of memory consumption and to much better performance.

As the official OpenCollada plugin hasn't been updated for recent Max versions, Remi has kindly added support for Max 2019 to 2021.

The official COLLADA web site is here.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Epic Games, Inc. Datasmith Export v4.24
54.3 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Datasmith is a part of Unreal Studio, and this exporter allows you to export your Max scenes into a file format (*.udatasmith) that Datasmith understands. The exporter translates entire scenes including lights, cameras and materials in V-Ray, Corona and Mental Ray format.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Bastien Bourineau / Arkeon Easy Ogre Exporter v3.2.2
46.3 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

The Easy Ogre Exporter is written to be as simple as possible but capable of exporting just about everything. Features include:
- One click export from the Max export menu > Ogre scene
- DotScene|.scene export
- Manage all Ogre versions
- Exports node hierarchy
- Exports node animations
- Mesh binary export for each object in the scene
- A shared or dedicated geometry option
- Vertex colors
- Normals
- Multiple UV sets
- Tangents
- Edgelist
- Poses from the Max morpher
- Skeletons
- Multiple skeleton animations
- Multiple root bones
- Standard structures and biped
- Animations from the main track separated by time tags
- Animations separated from the motion mixer (if available)
- Node animations from the main track / motion mixer for each node in the dot scene
- Pose animations from the main track or from the motion mixer
- Morph vertex animations from the main track or from the motion mixer
- Standard materials conversion
- Architecture materials conversion
- Mentalray Arch / Design materials conversion
- Ambient, diffuse, specular and self illumination colors
- Specular level
- Multiple textures
- Multiple UV's
- Transparency level
- Material options like 'double sided' or 'wire'
- Auto shader generation for pixel lighting and normal/specular maps/ref cubemap
- Automatic basic technique for non-supported hardware when shaders are used
- Optional texture conversion to DDS format with size optimization
- Lights and cameras
- Automatic unit conversion to meters
- Automatic LOD generation
- Small UI for a minimum of settings

The download link above is for installer for Max versions 2011 to 2016. If you need the plugin for an older version of Max, head over here.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Cesium Cesium ion v1.0
40.7 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Cesium ion is an online platform for tiling, optimizing, and hosting 3D data. Built on modern cloud architecture, the application can efficiently stream large datasets into web applications like CesiumJS that can be shared with others across any device. Upload your massive worlds, scenes and models from Max to Cesium ion, and ion will optimize it, tile it into 3D tiles, and stream them to any device in Cesium's 3D geospatial world along with other contextual data such as terrain and satellite imagery.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
GuruWare gw::PlyImp v1.1
553 KB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Imports files in the Stanford University PLY file format.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Farshid Lashkari OSG Exporter v1.5.2
27.1 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

OSGExp is an open source exporter from Max to OpenSceneGraph. It has support for geometry, materials, textures, multitextures, procedural textures, environment maps, cameras, animation and has helpers for OSG style level of detail, billboards, switches, impostors, occluders, nodemasks and much more.

The source code is also available here.

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