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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Radeon ProRender v2.7.0
48.6 MB
Compiled / Description

Radeon ProRender for Max is a physically accurate raytracing plugin that provides a simple to use, deeply integrated Max experience, with an extensive material library. Radeon ProRender is built on OpenCL 1.2, which means it can run on virtually any hardware and will harness the compute capabilities from both GPUs and CPUs.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
CentiLeo CentiLeo for 3ds Max v0.586 alpha
70.6 MB
Compiled / Description

CentiLeo is a GPU renderer (CUDA based) that supports out-of-core caching of geometry and textures, which means that your scene doesn't need to fit in the GPU RAM.

Features include:
- Out-of-core geometry (supports many polygons)
- Out-of-core and out-of-RAM textures
- Adaptive displacement mapping
- Noise aware path tracing
- Specific Metropolis sampler with firefly killer
- Instancing of geometry
- Fast support of dynamic scenes and interactive modelling
- Flexible shader infrastructure
- Powerful Standard CentiLeo Material with 2 reflection lobes and Multi Material container
- Light sources with assignment to different layers of materials
- AOVs/Render passes infrastructure to generate them all in parallel
- Fully interactive Max plugin which reacts to modelling activity while the image is rendered
- Bump mapping can be applied on top of displacement mapping
- Arbitrary output image resolution (as soon as it fits to CPU RAM)
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
François Beaune appleseed Max v1.1.0 beta
22.4 MB
Compiled / Description

This is a Max port of the appleseed renderer, an open source physically-based rendering engine currently in development.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
fused IndigoMax v0.7.4.1
39.4 MB
Compiled / Description

This a wrapper plugin for the Indigo renderer that enables you to use Indigo inside Max. Features at the moment include:
- Fast Indigo SDK connection
- Geometry handling as poly and triangle meshes
- Fast instancing routine
- TurboSmooth and MeshSmooth are applied at render time
- Animation and motion blur support
- Simple light objects are supported (and default lights)
- Materials are supported with Indigo Material and Indigo Blend
- Standard camera and viewports are supported
- Textures are supported (only bitmaps for now)
- Scenes can be exported to IGS format
- GPU rendering support
- Multiple UVs support
- Background / interactive modes
- Progressive material refinement
- Interactive tone-mapping
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Jeffrey Witthuhn Cycles for Max Beta 3.02
25.2 MB
Compiled / Description

This plugin brings Blender's Cycles rendering engine to Max. Cycles is a path-tracing renderer that runs on CPUs as well as GPUs (CUDA-only at the moment).
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Sai Yang KuaFu v1.1.3
12 MB
Compiled / Description

KuaFu is a renderer that uses out-of-core raytracing without ray-sorting, which differentiates it from other out-of-core renderers. It makes use of universal photon-mapping complemented by universal filtering, as well as its own Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) methods to achieve faster convergence rates.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Solid Angle S.L. Arnold for 3ds Max v4.0.4.36
260 MB
Compiled / Description

Arnold for 3ds Max (or MAXtoA) provides a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the standard Max interface. Features include:
- Integration with Max shapes, cameras, lights and shaders
- Image Based Lighting support, including a state of the art physical sky
- Max ActiveShade interactive rendering for previewing parameter changes without interrupting your work
- Support for AOVs and Deep EXR files
- Defer the creation of geometry at render time with the Procedural placeholder nodes
- Texturable mesh lights
- 3rd party Arnold shader support
- MAXtoA Cloud Rendering for stills and animations